“Gutenberg did not wait for the development of the book market to invent printing.”

Nicole Notat


For decades Performance has focused on one thing : listening to its customers​. Our sales representatives and agents roam the European roads to listen to the slightest of your needs. We do not just offer a range of fabrics that we can easily scroll on a table, we also offer you the 6-legged sheep that you have been waiting for.

The advantage of producing in France and integrating research and development sectors in our factories, is being able to offer you approximately every two or three months developments, sometimes simple ideas, concepts for which no market exists. Sometimes it will be real investment outcomes of several hundred thousand Euros which give rise to the resolution of a former technical impossibility. We have become specialists because we advocate just protection for a just need.

Everyone knows the vicious circle of innovation. Low-cost producing countries have not included this element of research and development in their prices, which is essential for our businesses. We are honest enough to say that our prices include this element that we fiercely care about. On the one hand because we produce on flexible tools in France and in Europe and on the other hand because you, users, need that the producers evolve at the same time as your needs. Since patents are practically nonexistent in our trades, we are content to create unique fabrics. For some distant countries, research and development consists of copying the products that already work by selling the dream of a successful product for 20% of the original price.

By purchasing the fabrics and knits produced by our partners, you help this research and this permanent innovation which characterizes us and which makes our reputation. Every day, dozens of people work on a whole chain of suppliers to offer you textiles that are ever closer to your needs of tomorrow. Finally the best compliment you can give us is to tell us that you have never had a demand for the products we develop!

So whether it’s plastic bottles, Eucalyptus, we may even be able to compost work clothes. Who knows…

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