Negastat® is a fiber that does not stand out but protects you.

There is no more invisible, more unpredictable and more dangerous danger than static electricity. It has no color, no smell … but when it strikes, the wearer and the facilities ensure a real danger. We have always chosen to offer you the most effective for protective clothing, Negastat®.

With Negastat®, a three-lobed carbon fiber spun to the core, we suggest that you carry your own lightning rod and use renewable energy to discharge the electricity around you. Negastat® works simply by allowing you to use ambient air to cancel the static charge on your body and clothing. The most incredible for an “invisible” thread? Do it in less than 0.1 seconds … This fiber is so effective that European standards, which are extremely demanding when it comes to the wearer’s life, had to adapt to the impressive results of this fiber. The final advantage, for you wearer, is that this fiber sounds the end of the “handcuffs”, no more need to be connected to the ground when working or to walk on an antistatic mat, it is your clothing that keeps watch on you !

As the thousands of carriers who use our anti-static fibers every day you wish to discover Negastat®? See what all of our partners offer you.

Performance has favored the use of Negastat® at each of its suppliers for overall protection.

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