For more than 15 years, the Natura® brand has become a reference on the technical textile market for Image clothing and Workwear.

A real fiber revolution, Natura® is above all a unique – and highly secret – assembly, based on a chemical core of modified Polyester on which are surrounded no less than 7 synthetic components. We reach the exceptional number of 300 filaments on the fiber giving it a touch more than close to the one of a natural fiber like cotton. Some will see a woolly touch like the draperies that our elders may have known for their ceremonial clothes. Natura® is above all a perfect matt appearance whatever the surrounding light, bright colors, flawless washing, permanent moisture transfer. It also owns our know-how in pilling and abrasion resistance.

In the end, Natura® is not just a brand, it is a new way of living your work clothes. You will find Natura® in the fabrics of Gauthier and the knits of 4F.

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