Thanks to our environmental commitment and a real sustainable development, we have developed a “green” fiber from the recycling of plastic bottles.

Although this concept is not unknown, we had to adapt the new fiber to the constraints that our businesses know. Industrial washing, durability and comfort were the watchwords. SecondLife® and now 2Life® is based on an rPet thread (recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate). These barbaric words hide the plastic bottles that you collect (selective sorting) and that our French partners collect again so that we can reuse them. These bottles must be transparent to be suitable for our use, but many famous drinks sell millions of these bottles every year! We thus manage to collect 90% of our needs in France, this is also a part of sustainable development. We then found European partners capable of processing the “paste” in the spirit of the technical specifications of a Natura®.

2Life® brings you performances that makes our reputation but in addition, the aspect of sustainable development. As the concept of sustainable development is a bit vague, we give you some figures. A polo shirt made of 2Life® fiber (about 850 grams) is 94% less water use (compared to the creation of a classic virgin polyester), 60% less energy, a certain amount of waste that will not be landfilled… without mentioning the CO2 impact that everyone is talking about.

Find out our 2Life® fibers at 4F and at Gauthier.

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